FavoriteGowns Rental FAQ

  1. Find the dress you like based on your style, color an size

  2. Select the date on which you want the dress (prefer at least 1-2 days before your event). Rental is on per day basis. Select the end date (minimum 3 days from the day of your start date).

  3. Enjoy the dress, pack the dress in garment bag (in which it came) and box. Drop it to the nearest USPS/UPS/Fedex (based on the return label – already provided in the box).

Certainly you can however:

  • Its expensive

  • You might need it for one time use

  • Will save you on time and effort of looking for latest trends, trying the dress and travel time.

We are always on the hunt to look for great styles, brands and designers, and keep adding more n more dresses to our inventory however to name a few designers:

Mii Estillo,


KH Fashion

Design by C

Oyemwen and many more

We provide a comprehensive sizing chart for every product, tailored to the specific designer’s guidelines. We strongly recommend measuring yourself before making a reservation to ensure the perfect fit to avoid any discrepancy.

To begin with we always recommend you to check the sizing chart carefully to make sure the rental dress would fit your size. Additionally, please consider that if you are reserving the rental well in advance of your event, your size may change. It’s important to account for your potential changes in size as well. No refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizes are available for our maternity dress rentals.

Shipping is purely based on the size and weight of the dress(es) you order. Shipping is applied at checkout and includes both sending the dress to you and return shipping back to us.

The shipping partner could depend on the urgency of dress and it could be either from UPS, USPS or Fedex.

You may cancel your booking at any time, 30 days prior to the actual rental start date. A full refund (less $25 as cancellation fee) will be issued to you in such case and will be applied to your debit / credit card used to place the order. No refund will be issued in case the cancellation request raised within 30 days to actual rental start date.

If you plan to switch or change the after placing the order, you can do so only once and within 48 hrs of placing such order. You can contact us via email to smiles@favoritegowns.com and let us know your new choice of dress. If the new dress has higher rental pricing you will be charges for the difference of pricing, however if the rental pricing is less than the original order, previous pricing of original dress will be applied to the order.

Once you have collected or received your dress, it is regarded as rented for the agreed-upon duration. Regrettably, if you decide not to wear it after receiving it up, we will be unable to provide a refund or issue any credit for it.

To initiate the return process for your rental, please follow these steps.

  • Pack the dress in original garment bag

  • Pack the dress in original box in which you received the dress or you can use any other box of similar sizing

  • Place the pre-paid label on the box, that was already sent to you in the box in which the dress was packed

A late fee of $40 per rental per day will be charged to the credit card used for the order.

In the event that a gown is not returned under any circumstance till 5 days from the original agreed upon date, a fee equal to 200% of the purchase price of a new gown will be charged to your credit card.


Example: if your agreed upon rental return date is 10th. An active scan is required on your end date prior to 5 pm to avoid any late fees. If the scan does not show up till 5 pm, you will be subject to charge for late fee.

All our maternity gowns are either new or nearly new and in good used condition. What you see on the website prior to each rental, are all gowns diligently cleaned and thoroughly inspected.

With the utmost care, we conduct thorough inspections of each product between rentals to ensure their quality and condition.

Absolutely! Every gown/dress is shipped in a garment bag to your doorsteps and each such dress/ gown and garment bag belongs to FavoriteGowns. Failure to return the product in its original garment bag will result in a replacement fee of $15.

Absolutely! If you reside in the Bay Area or its vicinity, you are more than welcome to personally pick up your dress at our location. To arrange a pickup time, address and ensure your order is prepared, please reach out to us via email at smiles@favoritegowns.com.

First of all the actual shipping we pay is even more than what’s been charged from you, consider it includes both to and from delivery. Besides this the cost may vary by weight of the dress / gown as well.

The maternity gowns are of a high value and their usage in water or on uneven surfaces with stains, grease, or mud can lead to irreversible damage, rendering the dress unusable. Given the substantial risk of complete harm caused by water stains, mud, and mold, full damage incurred will result in a charge equivalent to 200% of the original purchase price of the garment.

For sure. Kindly inform us of the specific date you wish to reserve the gown for, and we will ensure its readiness for you. We suggest you to book the date in advance to ensure you get the delivery of your gown right in time.

You do not have to. Kindly refrain from taking the dress / gown to a dry cleaner. We take care of the dry cleaning process, and it is already included in the rental cost. Please return the gown to us directly when you are done using it.

We would love to collaborate with you and your brand (if any). Please send us your details, any offer or proposal you have in mind to smiles@favoritegowns.com

At favirotegowns, we constantly update our collection with new, designer and custom-made gowns. However, please note that not all gowns are available in every size. If there is a particular gown you desire but cannot find in our inventory, please reach out to us at smiles@favirotegowns.com and let us know. We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to assist you.

We do offer certain accessories which may go well with your dress / gown, however its a personal choice. You can always plan to add the accessories in your cart based on your style.

When you plan to accessorize:

  • Consider what you’re wearing

  • Focus on what you want to accent

  • Choose a statement accessory

  • Create a balance to look stunning

While we have not encountered such situations to date, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. If you find yourself in such a situation, we kindly request you to contact us as soon as possible, ideally one day before or on the actual start date of your agreed-upon rental period. Please reach out to us via email at smiles@favirotegowns.com. We are here to assist you.

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